The workshops from the list below are the complimentary part of full tickets.

The recordings of most workshops will be shared with full ticket holders after the conference.

Workshops will be run remotely via Zoom.

Nico Krüger Nico Krüger

Live Coding Workshop to Setup Rollbar Error Monitoring

During this session you will learn how to create a new Rollbar account and integrate the Rollbar SDK with your application to monitor errors in real-time and respond and fix those errors. We will also cover how to customize payload data sent to Rollbar to extend your monitoring capabilities.

Table of contents
  • Create a Rollbar Account (Free Account)
  • Integrate your application with the Rollbar SDK
  • Send handled and unhandled errors to Rollbar
  • Add Custom payload data to your configuration
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Workshop schedule & location

Date & time: September 25, 15:00 CEST. Remote via Zoom.

Jamie Barton Jamie Barton

Build and Deploy Instant GraphQL APIs to the edge

Learn how to generate instant GraphQL APIs using a data source connector (GraphQL and non-GraphQL sources), extend and join them both with custom resolvers and deploy to the edge without leaving the code editor.

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Workshop schedule & location

Date & time: October 4, 15:00 CEST. Remote via Zoom.

Maurice de Beijer Maurice de Beijer

Practice TypeScript Techniques Building React Server Components App

In this hands-on workshop, Maurice will personally guide you through a series of exercises designed to empower you with a deep understanding of React Server Components and the power of TypeScript. Discover how to optimize your applications, improve performance, and unlock new possibilities.

Maurice will virtually be by your side, offering comprehensive guidance and answering your questions as you navigate each exercise. By the end of the workshop, you'll have mastered React Server Components, armed with a newfound arsenal of TypeScript knowledge to supercharge your React applications.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your React expertise to new heights. Join our workshop and unlock the potential of React Server Components with TypeScript. Your apps will thank you.

Table of contents
  • Maximize code maintainability and scalability with advanced TypeScript practices
  • Unleash the performance benefits of React Server Components, surpassing traditional approaches
  • Turbocharge your TypeScript with the power of Mapped Types
  • Make your TypeScript types more secure with Opaque Types
  • Explore the power of Template Literal Types when using Mapped Types
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Workshop schedule & location

Date & time: September 28, 17:00 CEST. Remote via Zoom.


Nico Krüger
Rollbar, USA

Nico is the Senior Director of Solutions Engineering at Rollbar. He has spent over 13 years working with companies around the world to improve their software development lifecycle focused on quality critical applications. His passion is helping teams deliver quality products to market faster.

“Do what you love and love what you do!”

Jamie Barton
Turso, UK

Working with Databases, APIs, GraphQL and Web3

Maurice de Beijer
Independent Software Consultant and Trainer, Netherlands

Maurice de Beijer is an independent software consultant and trainer. He specializes in JavaScript, React, and ASP.NET Core. His work includes a large, global, safety application for the oil and gas industry. Maurice is also active in the open source community. He teaches ECMAScript, TypeScript, React, RxJS and ASP.NET courses. Since 2005, he has received Microsoft’s Yearly Most Valuable Professional Award. Maurice is also active in the Dutch dotNed user group and helps organize its meetings.